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I believe that transformation is available to the capacity that we are willing to embrace it. I am a NO-FLUFF mentor who sees your highest potential, and I will help you empower yourself to align your outer life with your deepest desires and greatest visions.


I use the chakra system as a cognitive framework that will help you plant energetic roots deep into a new timeline that you birth from the frequency of FUCK YES.


Every session is unique, based on your immediate needs. I incorporate astrology, soul integration, oracle cards and quantum physics in my work. I only call on my higher self, your higher self, and Pure Source Energy during these sessions in order to honor your Sovereignty.


Personal accountability, transparency and integrity are my core values, and they are ultimately the foundation of my work. Until we can come from an honest and curious place without judgement, we will stay stuck. 


You are ready to work with me if you are ready to be FREE from the programming that has kept you small.


You are ready to activate an entirely new timeline where you are EMBRACED as the most authentic and genuine version of YOU.




When you have an open heart and an open mind, quantum opportunities await you.


When you intimately get to know your personal inner resonance system, you can build a life from a place of FUCK YES, which naturally cultivates an innate soul-level confidence that has you settle for NOTHING LESS.


Every week we take a deep dive into the relationship between your subconscious mind and your conscious mind, and we empower you to align your thoughts and perspectives to those which co-create a life experience that is aligned with your divine will and purpose.


As you UN-learn and deconstruct what you were told you should believe or how you should be in this world, you can begin re-membering what feels good to YOU from the inside out.


While re-building your outer life by empowering your inner world, you being to magnetize soul family who wants to lock arms and RISE with you in this Age of Aquarius.


PSST --- And you can forget the soul-suckers who thrive on seeing you struggle... You won't even attract them into your life anymore because you'll be able to spot them from a mile away!


You must be batshit committed to your RISING, and willing to be accountable to yourself along the way.


I'm not here to convince you that you're a phoenix. I'm here to help you spread your wings and rise from the ashes.


You must be WILLING TO DO THE WORK. Surrender is KEY. When you feel resistance, I expect you to communicate this with me so that we can work through it together with massive safety and love (again, personal accountability is errrrything.)

This work is DEEP. It can feel painful to look into our shadows. But THIS IS TRUE "LOVE AND LIGHT!" When we can illuminate our entire being and love ourselves unconditionally, WE ARE FREE.


Until then, we are bound to our old story.


When you work with me, you are READY FOR YOUR NEW BEGINNING. I will be by your side every step of the way.

I reached out to Kaela because I have watched her emerge into a fabulous coach and soul over the years, and knew that she'd be the perfect person to work with. When I started coaching, I felt so broken, afraid and alone. I had lost myself completely and didn't know how to begin finding the real me. Kaela was always loving and powerful to aid me in finding who I was as a person and what my soul was longing for in this lifetime. I never felt rushed or like "just another client" but knew that she truly cared for me and wanted to help me out of my pain and fear. She was truly gifted at moving me in a direction that was much better for my happiness and purpose in life relatively quickly and effortlessly. I loved that she also used oracle cards to draw from the energy and consciousness around me, and I will forever save those photos of every card drawn every session to reflect upon. This was truly amazing work that turned my life around 180 degrees in just a few months!

Lisa M.


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What Your Biz Wants From YOU

Single Session | 2.5 Hours

  • If your soul has a divine purpose, consider your business has one too. Let's hear what it has to say!

  • If you aren't sure how to stand out in your niche even though you KNOW you're unique, this is the process that will answer all of your questions.

  • In a 2.5 Hour Zoom Call (that goes by very fast) I will take you through a process that will leave you with a refreshingly clear brand voice, unique message, several months worth of content topics that your ideal audience is craving, email list builder ideas, and SO much more.

  • The 'pick-me-up' every biz owner needs after a season of deep, personal transformation that is ready to be integrated into their work. Is this you?

  • Fall back in love with your work once you refresh WHO you're talking to, HOW you're able to serve them differently than anyone else, and WHAT your connection point is that will stop their scroll and pay attention.

Your Investment: $275

Laser-Focused Intentional


3-Session Experience

  • If the universe is offering you the same lessons over and over again, perhaps it's time to take a deeper look into what you're meant to be learning.

  • This option is designed to identify, clear, and effectively empower you wherever it is that you feel you're currently in a holding pattern.

  • In three 75-minute Zoom calls, we will do a chakra assessment, a multi-dimensional clearing & timeline activation, and we will align and empower you with your next level of potential. If you know your birth info, we will incorporate your astrology chart & current transits!

  • You will be prepped before the first call so we can make the most of our time together, and you will also be provided with a wrap-up process that will help you track your progress and transformation. 

  • Choose your pace within 30 days, and we will honor the bandwidth you have available to hold this container. Whether it's a 3-hour session, 3 sessions in a week, or you spread them throughout the month... We do what's right for YOU.

Your Investment: $700


Cognitive Chakra Empowerment

10-Session Experience

  • It's time for an energetic reboot so that you can show up to life with the most integrity, authenticity, and a soul-level confidence that doesn't need everyone to like you. I mean let's face it, you're meant to disrupt the status quo... remember?

  • When you rebuild your life experience using the chakra system, you plant roots deep into a timeline that is energetically aligned with your mission-driven life path. From there, you can safely open up and unleash the purest expression of your soul because you have an innate knowing that you are divinely supported and on purpose. #HelloInnerPeace

  • Boundaries are one of the greatest forms of self love, and when you rebuild your life with conscious intention you better BELIEVE you have every right to say who gets access to your energy. You will learn how to confidently communicate with transparency and love so that people naturally honor you and your space.

  • Get ready to reprogram your entire system to see life from a scale of FUCK YES to helllllllll muthafuggin NO, and you will learn how to TRUST AND FOLLOW this inner guidance system. You've heard that outer changes begin within, right? This is how you will master your ability to manifest and find your natural state of flow.

  • Magnetize soul family who are just as mission driven, on purpose, and WANT to see you spread your wings and fly! When you are vibin at your natural spirit-given frequency, you attract more of the same. Get ready!!

Your Investment: $2200

or 3 payments of $880


Life Purpose Intensive

By Application Only | Limited Availability

  • You're at a crossroads and you just don't know where to go from here or who to trust along the way.

  • You feel like you've temporarily lost yourself, and you are ready to release the shame around your story so that you can begin re-membering who you truly are -- and who you've always been deep down inside.

  • You know you're ready for a new beginning, and you're scaredAF because you don't even know what that means. (You're exactly where you are meant to be, my friend. Get excited....)

  • You are ready to understand WHY YOU'RE HERE, and how you can create a FUCK YES LIFE that feels fulfilling, abundant and SAFE to live in every day (while holding loving boundaries like a BAWSS).

  • Weekly zoom calls are held at the same day/time each week, and you have a personal online portal that tracks your progress, holds your call recordings and keeps you on track.

  • You have support in between sessions via Voxer, Email or DM, and I will be by your side for 3 entire months, helping you UNLEARN all of the bullshit you've been told about yourself that simply isn't true.... so that you can FULLY EMBODY your cosmic blueprint and live out the life you are meant to, and finally make the impact that you crave. 

  • Yes, YOU. It's possible, and it's possible to begin RIGHT NOW. Your life will absolutely be different in 90 days from what it is today if you choose to be WILLING and READY. 

  • What is the biggest investment you've ever made in yourself? Did it change your life in an unapologetically empowering way? You can't get to where you want to go while doing the things you've always done.... Isn't that the definition of insanity? Magic isn't made in the comfort zone.

Your Investment: $4400

or 3 payments of $1760

Think we might be a good fit, but you want to be EXTRA sure? Let's chat!

I have worked with a few different coaches over the years, but I have never experienced results like this. From the start your intuition has brought out the things I was too afraid to admit, the dreams I was hiding even from myself. I am so excited about my life for the first time in many years! I am now living from my heart and have been able to forgive and let go of some old stories and hurts that have kept me anchored and unable to move forward. "Thank you" doesn't begin to cover it. 

Danielle W.

I worked with Kaela for 90 days, and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Before working with her, I was out of touch with what made me happy and was living to make others happy. I lived in my head instead of my heart. Kaela helped me to gain clarity around my purpose, and I can't thank her enough for the continuous love, support, and grace she has given me. She puts her WHOLE HEART into every session, every piece of advice and every word of encouragement she gives. She is truly an amazing soul that wants to help bring out the best in everyone she works with.

Natalee B.

Thank you Kozmic Kaela, for all your mentoring, marketing wisdom, and showing me how to get out of my comfort zone when I didn't think I was ready (but I was). You showed me how to believe in myself more, so that I can go out into the big world and not feel so scared to speak my truth, so I can really help others. I understand that it's not about me, it's about helping them and I couldn't have done it without your passionate guidance and love!

Emily D.

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