W O R K  W I T H  M E


To the CHANGEMAKERS who are ready to impact a BIGGER CHANGE. 


To the WAYSHOWERS who are ready to show a DIFFERENT WAY. 


To the LIGHTWORKERS who aren't afraid to illuminate MAGIC WITHIN THE SHADOWS... 


I see you.  We both know you have what it takes. We know you're meant for more than this. You have so much to offer that it feels like you're a best kept secret sometimes ... And let's face it, you're over it. 


Book me for a day and you will unapologetically unleash your authentic expression in ways you never knew were possible. Obliterate the blocks that are subconsciously keeping you hidden in plain sight, and fall more in love with your soul's purpose and mission more than ever before. Become an attraction to your ideal audience ... Not a promotion. 

How My Day Rate Works

Choose one day (6 hours) or half-day (3 hours) to fully immerse yourself into the wholeness of YOU. It takes time to unpack, decondition, re-member, and unapologetically activate & unleash your fullest authentic expression.


Consider the 6-hour experience a personal retreat. You will feel nurtured, supported, seen and understood. The deeper the roots, the taller and stronger the tree becomes, so this full-day immersion is designed with this in mind. Prepare to come to know, understand and love yourself in a way your soul is craving ... Bring new energy, relationships and patterns into your life, and watch your business & impact expand as a result.


Consider the 3-hour experience as powerful as lightning. One of the greatest gifts that I'm known for is being able to see straight into the heart of the matter, so this experience will blow your hair back with new perspectives and quantum opportunities to explore that are aligned with your authentic cosmic blueprint. Prepare to feel invigorated, revitalized, and clear from your biggest block that is keeping you stuck. Walk away with tools that will carry you forward with confidence.


This is the BEST way to get my 20 years of formal education and personal experience in business & personal development if you have already identified what you're ready for more of in life. 

This is Perfect For You If You're Wanting to Expand Any of the Following Areas: 

ROOT CHAKRA :: Loyal Community, Financial Stability, Emotional Support


SACRAL CHAKRA :: Creative Flow/Momentum, Give Birth to Swirling Ideas, Sexual Confidence


SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA :: Understand Your Unique Cosmic Blueprint, Embodiment of Purpose, Confident Self-Expression


HEART CHAKRA :: Refine/reconnect with Your WHY, Set Strong & Respectful Boundaries, Fall Back in Love with Your Business


THROAT CHAKRA :: Safely share Your Different Perspective, Confidently Own Your Clear Message, Heal Your Silent Suffering


3rd EYE CHAKRA :: Strengthen Your Intuition, Trust Your Inner Guidance First, Align with Your Visions


CROWN CHAKRA :: Unify Your Ideal Audience, Activate Soul Contracts with New Clients, Connect with the Higher Purpose of Your Business

What You Can Expect

 Pre-Session Inventory.  48 hours prior to our session you will receive a welcome packet that will help ensure we hit the ground running during our time together.


 A Sacred Kozmic Experience that will leave you with Practical Tools, Resources & Action Steps to Carry Forward.  I have been professionally trained and certified to include various modalities in life coaching sessions when appropriate. These tools include Astrology, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Oracle Cards, Soul Retrieval, Inner Child Integration, and much more.


Both the half-day & full-day intensive will expand your world in greater ways than before. Expect to have a clear understanding around WHY you are uniquely designed the way you are, feel CONFIDENTLY aligned with your higher self and soul's purpose, and finally GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION to be the most honest and transparent version of YOU.


 Post-Session Wrap-Up.  After the session you will have access to your personal client portal where you can download your session recording, refer back to session notes, and grab resources when you need them!


If you are looking for a quick blast of energy that will expand your experience in life and business, this is the option for you. The other ways to work with me require a 3+ month commitment, starting at $4400. This option was designed by popular demand.

Requirements of You

Emotionally. You must come to this session with an open heart and an open mind. Prepare to take personal accountability for decisions you've made in the past, and your ability to make new choices moving forward. You must commit to learning how to strengthen your Inner Resonance System so that you can live a life confidently inspired by your own inner authority, even (and especially) in the face of adversity. This is Sovereignty.


Physically. Session must be paid for upon booking your appointment. Spaces are limited and are scheduled on a first come-first served basis. Should you need a payment plan, half will be required as a deposit to hold your spot, and the other half must be paid no later than 48 hours prior to your appointment. Sessions are held via Zoom (unless other arrangements are made), and your timely presence is much appreciated. You will receive an email prior to our session letting you know how you can best prepare for our time together.


By taking this step, you are committing an act of radical self love. Your future self thanks you. 

Ready to Get Started?

 Spaces are limited and are booked first come, first served. 


Summer Promo Rate: $650


Summer Promo Rate: $950

"To love thyself is to understand thyself, and to honor thyself is Sovereignty."

Hi! I'm Kozmic Kaela and I'm batshit passionate about watching YOU light up your life from the inside out!


I have been an empowerment coach in business for over ten years, and am known for my unapologetic way of cutting straight through the story and getting to the heart of the matter. I teach people how to set boundaries with love, allowing them to unleash their authentic expression.


Although I have 20 years of formal education under my belt, my personal experience in reconciling layers upon layers of trauma has been the most effective way I've expanded my own consciousness, allowing me to hold space for others as they walk through their own fire.


To me, spirituality is a way of living. It's a way of loving. It's a way of being kind, even when all seems lost. Spirituality is a way of surrender. 


This is only possible when you love, honor and respect yourself from your core. How?

By understanding yourself. Accepting that all of your unique qualities are your gifts that are meant to be shared. 


Becoming personally accountable for all of the ways you have cared more about what others think than about your inner freedom of expression will set you free from that bullshit pattern. ;) 


With a stellium in Taurus in the Career House, I live every day for my mission, and I light the F up whenever I meet anyone as passionate about business as I am.


I strive to find love and JOY in all I experience, and even though it isn't always easy, my two rescue pups Shakti and Darshan keep me smiling!