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"To Love Thyself is to Understand Thyself.

To Honor Thyself is Sovereignty."

-Kozmic Kaela

Hi, I'm Kozmic Kaela and anybody who knows me will tell you that I'm batshit passionate about YOU living out your soul's purpose in the most unique way possible.


I am a highly intuitive empath who was raised in a household of narcissists, so I get what it's like to feel painfully different. I understand all too well what it feels like to try to be yourself, and get judged, shut down (and even abused) for it.


My first 'awakening' was at 13 right after a suicide attempt, and I shut it down with partying like a rockstar throughout high school. #goodtimes


I REALLY began waking up in 2001 when I started studying Humanistic Psychology, and my formal psych/spirituality studies continued through 2015 because I COULDN'T LEARN ENOUGH. The more I learn, the more I realized how little I actually know in this quantum universe.


Yet, our roles here are so simple...


To live authentically according to our soul's purpose (what I consider the definition of SOVEREIGNTY.)


It is the social conditioning and subconscious programming that keeps us under s spell of unworthiness and personal disempowerment.


I have stayed committed to my path in deconditioning the layers of impact and disillusionment that has been passed down upon generations, as well as effected me while being involved in imbalanced relationships.


I believe that the more personally accountable we are to our growth and expansion, the greater the capacity our soul has to heal and become sovereign. We simply don't know better until we learn and re-member, and as we transcend the weight our soul has carried in silence, we are FREE to spread our wings and fly!


I am passionate about helping people rise in their personal power after being in damaging relationships with narcissists because this is where I would have a Masters Degree if the School of Life passed them out.


Yes, I have a formal Psych degree and am certified in Spiritual Life Coaching, Soul Retrieval, Hypnotherapy, Angel Therapy, Astrology, Oracle Card Reading, Guiding Meditations, Dream Interpretation... and all of those studies were ahhhhhhhmazing...


A N D ...


Narcissists have been my greatest teachers of all.


They have led me to have a love and respect for myself in a way that I may never have otherwise discovered. I have had experience with them in romance, business, social circles and family dynamics. And NOW -- I can spot them from a mile away and set boundaries like a bawss. And I'll help you do the same.


I have been professionally life and business coaching since 2010 when I opened a local spiritual center with my BFF and 2 other life coaches (#TeamNoCompetition.) I brought my business online in 2016, and have gained even MORE of a fiery passion than ever before to help unique individuals activate their personal power by re-membering their divine will and purpose.




I reached out to Kaela because I have watched her emerge into a fabulous coach and soul over the years, and knew that she'd be the perfect person to work with. When I started coaching, I felt so broken, afraid and alone. I had lost myself completely and didn't know how to begin finding the real me. Kaela was always loving and powerful to aid me in finding who I was as a person and what my soul was longing for in this lifetime. I never felt rushed or like "just another client" but knew that she truly cared for me and wanted to help me out of my pain and fear. She was truly gifted at moving me in a direction that was much better for my happiness and purpose in life relatively quickly and effortlessly. I loved that she used oracle and angel cards to draw from the energy and consciousness around me and I will forever save those photos of every card drawn every session to reflect upon. This was truly amazing work that turned my life around 180 degrees!

Lisa M.