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I'm Kozmic Kaela and I'm batshit passionate about helping you build a FUCK YES LIFE after a season of challenges that tried to take you down. (Key word: tried.)


If your life was significantly interrupted by a relationship with a narcissist and you're ready to re-member your soul's purpose and embody your personal power... 
You're in the right place.


Narcissistic behavior can show up in various relationships, including:
Romance, Business, Social Circles, Family, Etc.


These relationships will make you question who you are, and have you doubting your inner truth. (Which can feel really fucking confusing when you tried so hard to just love and be loved. I totally get it.)


I know you know this, but you deserve to hear it 1000x over.....


Their behavior wasn't because of you, and whether they're clinically narcissist or just demonstrate emotionally abusive behavior... it typically stems from their deep emotional wounding. 


Nonetheless, it can cause lasting subconscious damage, and your TIME FOR HEALING IS NOW.


You do not have to go another day questioning your worth, wondering who you can trust, or craving alignment with your soul's purpose.




To me sovereignty means living a life according to your unique inner resonance system. How can you attain this? Through recognizing, deconditioning and reprogramming the subconscious belief systems and thought patterns that have convinced you to compromise who you truly are in order to  'keep the peace' (which only further disturbed YOUR inner peace.)


Well I have news for you my friend! YOU ARE MEANT TO DISRUPT THE STATUS QUO. And this world needs you now more than ever.

Before working with Kaela I was stuck creatively - for several months! After just our first session I was able to lean on her support and guidance, and had a huge breakthrough. I have so much clarity finally, and I feel energized to fulfill my soul's purpose. Kaela is a clear channel with on point interpretations. I highly recommend working with her if you need a shift in perspective, or are struggling to move forward in life or business.

Brieanna M.

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