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FREE for a limited time, this ON-DEMAND Chakra Empowerment mini-course will take you on a practical, step-by-step journey through each chakra, revealing what it is that is holding you back from experiencing the next abundant phase in your business!


You do not need to have any prior knowledge of the chakra system to make the most out of this experience.


In fact, this one-of-a-kind approach is intentionally designed in a PRACTICAL, grounded, every day way so that you will experience an inner shift, no matter how many O's you have in your Woo-Woo.

Get ON-DEMAND Access for a Limited Time!

This is a practical, hands-on experience for any entrepreneur who wants more out of their business -- which means more out of THEMSELVES. The best part is ... You don't need any previous knowledge around the chakra system to benefit!

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For you if ...


  • You feel Stagnant in your biz

  • You feel emotionally unsupported

  • You are financially stressed most of the time


For you if ...


  • You are Uninspired and content is dry

  • You get distracted easily

  • You are keeping your ideas inside

Solar Plexus

For you if ...


  • You get caught in the Comparison trap

  • You care a whole lot about what others think

  • Strategies that work for others don't work for you


For you if ...


  • You feel Lonely

  • You miss feeling in love with your business

  • Your WHY needs reviving because You are changing


For you if ...


  • You have a lot to say but can't find the courage to speak up

  • Refining your core message & explaining what you do is a challenge

  • You are suffering silently inside about something

3rd Eye

For you if ...


  • You don't always trust your intuition / inner guidance

  • You are overwhelmed with how to achieve your goals

  • You hold back because of past experiences or 'what if' potential scenarios


For you if ...


  • You are overwhelmed with thoughts and don't know where to execute

  • You want to connect with your ideal audience more

  • You have a lot to offer but don't have much to show for it

Chakra Empowerment for Biz Owners

Unlock the programs that have been running your subconscious thoughts and have supported your playing small. NO MORE. This course will not only illuminate why you've been stuck, but it will give you every tool you need to awaken and embody the most authentic version of YOU.

"To love thyself is to understand thyself, and to honor thyself is Sovereignty."

Hi! I'm Kozmic Kaela and I'm batshit passionate about watching YOU light up your life from the inside out!


I have been an empowerment coach in business for over ten years, and am known for my unapologetic way of cutting straight through the story and getting to the heart of the matter. I teach people how to set boundaries with love, allowing them to unleash their authentic expression.


Although I have 20 years of formal education under my belt, my personal experience in reconciling layers upon layers of trauma has been the most effective way I've expanded my own consciousness, allowing me to hold space for others as they walk through their own fire.


To me, spirituality is a way of living. It's a way of loving. It's a way of being kind, even when all seems lost. Spirituality is a way of surrender. 


This is only possible when you love, honor and respect yourself from your core. How?

By understanding yourself. Accepting that all of your unique qualities are your gifts that are meant to be shared. 


Becoming personally accountable for all of the ways you have cared more about what others think than about your inner freedom of expression will set you free from that bullshit pattern. ;) 


With a stellium in Taurus in the Career House, I live every day for my mission, and I light the F up whenever I meet anyone as passionate about business as I am.


I strive to find love and JOY in all I experience, and even though it isn't always easy, my two rescue pups Shakti and Darshan keep me smiling!