Does Astrology feel overwhelming to you, but you'd love to understand YOUR BIRTH CHART? 


 Have you always felt different, and want to have clarity around your purpose in this life? 


 Are you at a crossroads and cosmic guidance would feel like a breath of fresh air? 


 I see you my friend, and I so super get it. I will introduce your astro birth chart to you in a practical way so that you can feel validated, reassured, and give yourself the friggin permission slip to EMBODY YOUR ASTROLOGY and live your life with a soul-level Confidence and Purpose.

 Ways To

Work with Me 


Choose the option that’s right for you.


 Birth Chart Reading.  All those other planets in the sky have massive influence on the energy here on Earth. So knowing where they were in the zodiac at the exact moment you were born will help you gain a better understanding around WHY you are uniquely designed the way you are. Your birth (natal) chart will illuminate how your gifts, your quirks and your challenges ALL support you in your purpose and life path as a whole. It will help you understand themes, lessons and your overall greater purpose. I keep it practical so you can take the wisdom and EMBODY YOUR ASTROLOGY right away! This is a live 1:1 video-recorded session and runs approx 60 minutes. The link to the session recording and copies of your charts will be emailed to you within 48 hours of the appointment.


 Life Path Intensive.  Your birth chart (above) is super helpful to understand when craving an authentic life, but it's also incredibly eye-opening to look at your Progressed Chart. This chart tracks your personal journey and illuminates your current phase of life. Think of it as your personal evolution guide. In this 1:1 intensive, we not only take a deep look into your birth chart and your progressed chart, but we ALSO consider how the current transits in the sky are influencing your path in this very moment! Knowing this information will help you co-create with significantly more Confidence, Flow and Alignment. This is a live 1:1 video-recorded session and runs approx 2.5 hours. The link to the session recording and copies of your charts will be emailed to you within 48 hours of the appointment.


 Divine Purpose Alignment.  ATTENTION BIZ OWNERS:: This one is for you! After we look at your birth chart, progressed chart and current transits (detailed above), we will then take time to audit your current business structure, strategies and flow.... and we will refine and enhance misaligned areas according to your astrology! You can expect to feel more confident, on purpose and in your zone of genius and personal mastery going forward! This is a live 1:1 video-recorded session and runs approx 4 hours, including a short break. The link to the session recording, copies of your charts, and your enhanced business outline and marketing strategy will be emailed to you within 48 hours of the appointment.


 This is the BEST way to get my 20 years of formal education and personal experience in business, psychology, astrology and metaphysics. Ready to feel confident around who you are and how uniquely you're designed? Let's connect! 

"I was questioning a lot if I was on the right path and doing the right things... But after my reading with Kaela it confirmed where I am and helped me understand that I'm more than a 'Virgo'. 


This reading was just enough that I felt satisfied but not bloated. Anyone who's thinking about getting your birth chart read... JUST DO IT. Kaela knows her stuff and she has a contagious high-vibe energy that you'll want to match!"

Heather Clark

Birth Chart Reading

  • 60-Min 1:1 Video Call

  • Basic Overview of how your birth chart influences your personality, divine gifts, and life purpose!


Life Path Intensive

  • 2.5-Hour 1:1 Video Call

  • Intense look at your Birth Chart, your Progressed Chart AND your Current Transits to see how the planets are effecting you personally!


Divine Purpose Alignment

  • 4-Hour 1:1 Video Call

  • Deep dive into your birth, progressed and current transit charts, with a personalized Biz Alignment Map that will ensure you integrate your UNIQUE energetic blueprint into your business & mission.


Both readings - personal and professional - have helped me have a stronger baseline, especially in times of doubt I am reminded that there is a greater purpose and bigger meaning behind it all. My husband and I also fall back on our reading during challenging times and it really helps us get through things since we know we are in this together.


Overall the readings with Kaela have helped me feel a lot more solid in my mission as a business owner, and as a human being in this world.

McKenna Montcalm
Owner of Kenna Fit

Requirements of You

BIRTH INFORMATION :: In order to have an accurate astrology reading of any kind, you must know your EXACT birth information. This includes Birth DAY, TIME and LOCATION. Generally this information can be found on your birth certificate. 


PAYMENT :: Session must be paid for in full upon booking your reading. All sales are final.


SESSION LOGISTICS :: BIRTH CHART READINGS are recorded and emailed to you within seven (7) days of purchase. LIVE VIDEO SESSIONS ("Life Path Intensive" or "Divine Purpose Alignment") are recorded and held via Zoom. You will be emailed a link to download the session recording, as well as a copy of your birth chart. Spaces are limited for these 1:1 intensives and are scheduled on a first come-first served basis.


By taking this step, you are committing an act of radical self love. Your future self thanks you. 

Before Kaela read my birth chart, I spent a lot of time looking back on my life wondering if I should have done more, or done things differently. This chart reading brought me so much peace that everything happened just as it was meant to, and I can enjoy this phase of my life feeling fulfilled.


Nothing I have read about my husband's astrology has ever clicked. Kaela read his birth chart too, and for the first time in 50 years of marriage I have the most clear understanding of who he is.

Debbie Tilford

Age 66, Retired 

Ready to Get Started?

 Spaces are limited and are booked first come, first served. 



Emailed Recording



2.5-Hour Video Session



4-Hour Video Session 


"To love thyself is to understand thyself, and to honor thyself is Sovereignty."

Hi! I'm Kozmic Kaela and I'm batshit passionate about inspiring YOU to feel comfortable living out loud in your most authentic expression.


I've been on the personal development path professionally since 2000, and personally since I was 13 years old and more depressed and confused than any kiddo should be.


ASTROLOGY has been a consistent tool that has not only helped me understand myself by way of my personality, emotions and responses, but I also have been able to gain a more compassionate understanding around how the collective is evolving as a whole.


Astrology has 100% validated my purpose, my mission, my values, and whenever I begin to dismiss or hide any part of me, my birth chart is the first to remind me that dimming any of these stars would be to deny my personal (r)evolution.


I began filling my bookshelves with astrology books in 1996, but mainly for horoscopes and compatibility resources.


My first birth chart reading was in 2006, and I have easily received well over 100 readings since, each leaving me with more to contemplate about my mission and design. 


I began learning about real-time astrology and listened to YouTube/Podcast astrologers every day in 2013 (and still have my favorites.)


I was an apprentice for an astrologer all of 2015, and this is when I began developing a personal relationship with each planet, sign and house in the zodiac. Although reading charts didn't come right away, I loved understanding the characteristics of the sky.


In 2017 all of the years of studying astro began to click in ways they never did before. I received information in my dreams that I would later look up and validate... I practiced reading daily charts before listening to my go-to astrologers, only to hear them say what I already saw...


And then I asked everyone I knew for their birth info so that I could learn how to read charts. What I learned was how natural it comes to me. My passion of helping people understand themselves so they can unapologetically live out loud so naturally intertwines with reading astrology birth charts.


Watching people light up when they feel validated enough to share their own inner world out loud... is the best gift I can receive while I read astrology.


As I have allowed myself to embody my own astrology, I have allowed myself to experience a life of Sovereignty, and it is my mission in life to help YOU do the same!